It's Sunday, August 19th, 2018 Name-day: Lýdia
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    Our school offers ...
  • ... specialized classrooms equipped with tablets, reading room (room for relaxation and reading during breaks)
  • ... we run school kitchen during holidays in a school dining room
  • ... application of innovative and activating methods and forms in teaching
  • ... school library, buffet, dental clinic
  • ... Cambridge YLE, KET, PET testing & certification
  • ... the second foreign language from the 5th grade (French, German, Russian and Spanish)
  • ... subject of conversation in English with a lecturer
  • ...
  • ... implementation of international and regional educational projects
  • ... school trips abroad (Great Britain, France, Austria)
  • ... Slovak language courses for children of foreigners - free of charge
  • ... Private school kitchen (choice of 2 kinds of meals), online lunch order
  • ... an individual and differentiated approach to teaching
  • ... classes equipped with ICT technology (PC, dataprojectors, interactive whiteboards)
  • ... sports and entertainment area, children's playground with climbing frames, multifunctional sports playground, artificial climbing wall, gazebo - classroom in the nature
  • ... 2 gyms, motion studio, fitness centre
  • ... electronic grade book, use of school e-learning system
  • ... mini arborhetum - botanical classroom, children's playground
  • ... Private leisure center (a rich choice of interest groups in the afternoon)
  • ... language laboratory, chemistry, physics, physics, biology, 2 computer rooms, workshop
  • ... own school psychologist
  • ... we prevent the use of mobiles by pupils during classes
  • ... student assurance, foreign language textbooks, workbooks
  • ... excellent results of pupils in Testovanie 5 and Testovanie 9 (Slovak language, Mathematics)
  • ... modern Slovak-English teaching by CLIL and CALL in cooperation with foreign lecturers from USA, Canada and Great Britain
  • ... Private School Children's Club (morning and afternoon)
  • ... 5 lecture rooms, Cinema room-projection room
  • ... qualified teaching staff - own editorial and lecturing activity of teachers

News from our school

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